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Wrap dress 

This gorgeous dress is buttery soft and made from a cotton/lycra blend. This is giving the dress a heavy feeling and the fabric drapes amazingly around the body. This dress is ideal for any occasion, and the styling opportunities are endless. Have in mind that the dresses are very stretchy. Made from 95% cotton and 5% Lycra.

EUR 107.50

The 70's flower

This long sleeved dress has a normal fit upper body but with some playroom and a wide twirly skirt. Made from 95% certified organic cotton and 5% lycra in a medium thickness.

EUR 32.50

Who*Where* What*When *Why

More than just webshop for kids fashion! Discover style, design, new creative prints!Since 2011, Kotoneco has focus on individual and creative eye on details that speak our kids language. You can find lovely pieces for yourself and get matchy! Our aim is to connect and share our common love for Scandi style. You can buy and sell your pre-loved items on our Facebook page! Let's grow our community of funky heads together!